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Domestic and Commercial Carpet Cleaning ~ Removing Tougher Stains
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Carpet Cleaning Process
We pre-vacuum every job, no exceptions! We work around furniture or help you move it - your call. We spray on our carbonated cleaner The Natural™ and as the carbonation reacts to push the dirt to the surface, we absorb it with pads under our rotary buffer.

Chem-Dry has an arsenal of specialty products to attack tougher stains that mysteriously appear on your carpet (eg gum, wine, ink, grease). At the end we groom the carpets with our carpet brush, which assists the fast-drying process. If you have asked for carpet protection you will notice your carpet fibres feel a little hard to the touch after carpets are first dry. This is exactly how they should feel and the hardness will soften after a few vacuums.

Chem-Dry cleaning products leave no dirt-attracting, sticky residue on carpets like some shampoos - think of it as a refreshing mineral bath for your carpets. Hot carbonating extraction (heavy duty) cleaning is also available if you have a more serious carpet situation on your hands!

Your carpets will be dry in 1-2 hours and they will love you for it!